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Kidney Doctor

Welcome to Kidney Care Clinic

Kidney disorders have increased rapidly over the last decade. In worrying fallout of the rising diabetes and hypertension cases in urban India, a study across 12 cities including Delhi and NCR, found 17 out of every 100 people suffering from kidney disease. Most patients are unaware of the problem till they develop some acute problem and need to visit a kidney specialist. People prone to develop kidney related problems are those having diabetes, hypertension, renal or ureteric calculi, regular pain-killer medication intake and patients with family history of kidney disease.

"Prevention is better than cure"

An early visit to a kidney specialist doctor can help in detecting a problem early and starting specific treatment which can stop or retard the progression of kidney damage. Diet modification, life style changes, good control of diabetic and hypertension, and medication to protect and strengthen kidney are some of the measures to prevent further kidney damage

Kidney care clinic (KCC) was started with the sole aim of providing highest quality, up to date and compassionate care for all patients. We are dedicated to providing quality care in a very warm & friendly atmosphere. Over the years, in Delhi and NCR, Kidney care clinic has gained an enviable reputation of delivering quality healthcare solutions which are available to all sections of the society.

This website is designed to inform and assist you and your family in understanding the various aspects of kidney problems and treatment available. In case you still have queries about you or your loved ones you can write to us or book an appointment with us.

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